About Project

“Bunny Brothers” is a cheerful animation that takes viewers on an exciting adventure through a vivid fantasy world filled with humor, charming characters, and heartwarming moments. Picotion proudly provided full CG production services for the animated series, bringing the fuzzy bunny brothers to life in full HD using SGI 3D and 2D technology. This family-friendly animation is produced for aged 5 and above, or anyone looking for fun, heartwarming entertainment.

Project Details



Bunny character

Oscar Bunny

A resilient leader who always enthusiastically
rushes to solve any problem.

Adam bunny character

Adam Bunny

Adam is shy, calm, even-tempered, very responsible, and easy-going.

Mary bunny character

Mary Bunny

Mary is pensive, sweet, level-headed, smart,
and well-read.

Fox character

Archibald Fox

Archibald and Oscar are the same age. He is the antagonist.

Grandpa character

Grandfather’s Portrait

An important character in our story.
He is the keeper of ancient secrets and serves
as an archive of wisdom


Vole Trio

Always scampering around, the nimble little gadabouts. They annoy all the inhabitants of the castle and the surrounding area with their tricks.

Ghost character


Kind, shy spirits of the castle that have been living in it since ancient times.


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