We optimize and integrate our production line using motion capture and real-time rendering


Bringing Realism to Animation

Motion capture technology, also known as mocap, is a process of recording the movement of real-life actors or objects and translating that movement into digital animation. This technology uses sensors and cameras to capture the movement and translate it into data that can be used to control the movement of digital characters or objects.

Full-spectrum Motion Capture Services

We use Full-body or Full-performance Capture, which allows us to capture an actor’s full range of movements, and Facial Capture, allowing to capture facial movements and expressions. Utilizing the two, we are able to achieve unparalleled levels of realism and authenticity in our animations.


Mocap technology allows for more natural and varied movements, integration of live-action footage with computer-generated animation, and a more efficient animation process, as it eliminates the need for animators to manually keyframe each movement, and enables the animators to focus on fine-tuning and polishing the animation. It has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Game Animation & Cinematics
  • Metaverse Content
  • Event Content
  • Hyper-real animation
  • Real-time & live animation
  • Digital Avatars

Mocap Technologies We Use at Picotion

We use a variety of motion capture technologies to bring real movements to our characters. These tools give us the flexibility and precision we need to bring the most realistic and natural animation possible to our clients.


Marker less MoCap

Allows us to capture the movement of actors without the need for markers or sensors on their bodies.

Remote Motion Capture

Reduces the need for physical contact and allows us to work with talented actors from all over the world.

Rokoko Suite

Which is a powerful tool based on Gyro allows us to capture and edit motion capture data in real-time.

Professional Actors, real-time workflow, and minimum cleaning and tracking price, allows for next-generation storytelling with Picotion.

Our Clients

We are proud to have worked with some of the most respected studios and brands in the industry, including:

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We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with them on their projects.

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