About Project

“Liko” is an exciting 3D animated series, created for children and adolescents. The show follows a pirate who has been imprisoned in the depths of the ocean for years, seeking revenge and causing hostility among the inhabitants of the peaceful Friendship Port. In each episode, the Buffoon ship reports a problem to the pirate, who then plans to cause damage to the port. Our team provided pre-production and IP services for this thrilling series, which is sure to keep young audiences engaged and entertained.

Project Details

Client: Picotion Animation Studio (IP)
Technology: 3D Animation
Duration: 26 * 11 Min
Audience: Children and Adolescents




Sherbak is the oldest ship in the port and has gained many experiences through years of sailing . His knowledge helped everyone to ease their problems (in local language, Sherbak means The Old Wise). He is a worn-out and needs serious repairs. Because he is old and not resistible. he must use low fat fuel!


Liko is the youngest inhabitant of the port; he is very  attractive and most of the time everything revolves around him. Liko is made of fiberglass and not wood, also has got everything a ship must have. He is curious, hyperactive, smart, and always looks for an opportunity to express himself.

Liko character


Margrave character


sambok character


galit character


Pirate character



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